Wanted Case Study Client


Would you like to be our next Business success story??

Hey I’m Scott Finney the founder of Drop The Strap Marketing, a SPECIALTY agency that is committed to helping Local Biz owners to grow their revenues quickly AND have the freedom to enjoy their new growth!

I’m a BIG believer in the power in the power of mentor-ship and coaching.

Even [your favorite famous athlete] has a coach right?

So I’ve retained the services of a private marketing coach, who has successfully trained and coached thousands of entrepreneurs of the past decade.

However, he’s thrown a BIG challenge at me already…

In order for him to work with me, I’m required to find a NEW Case Study Client in the next 48 hours! (we aren’t allowed to use existing clients)

We going to make sure that everything he teaches gets implemented and applied to this case study client. I have to document the process during this coaching and present my work to him on our regular meetings.

Basically we are going ensure that he helps me to create some fantastic results for just 1 lucky local business!

Of course, it benefits me, as I’ll be able to showcase this client to all of our other clients and future prospects as well.

Now, there will be a cost to participate of course, but it will be a fraction of the new revenue and ROI that will come as a result of this process. And it’s going to be significantly discounted, as I’m only looking to cover my costs, as I’m really doing this to satisfy my coach’s requirements…

Again, we are only doing this for 1 business right now, so we can focus all of our efforts on their success during this training.
I can’t afford to do this for everyone, right?

If you don’t have at least $500/month to allocate to your marketing, this please ignore this ad and DO NOT apply!

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Apply to be our next business success case study. Every quarter we accept our next selected business.

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