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Thank you for checking out our current specials. You might find Promo offers on our Google My Business Page or more likely hear about them at an in person event. Drop The Strap is a Memphis Marketing Agency. We focus on SEO Services, but spend a lot of time and effort helping businesses discover how to gain customers online. We hope you will explore our in person events like our weekly Memphis SEO meetup and our monthly digital marketing talk hosted by LaunchPad Memphis.

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Enter our **Monthly** Free SEO Audit Promotion.

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO is doing the best job possible at letting Google and other Search Engines know who you are and what you do.

If you don’t know yet, Local SEO and Traditional SEO are two kinds of Search Engine Optimization.

Any business with a physical location or that services customers in a specific area needs Local SEO.

*Local SEO* is optimizing signals both on and off a website to get it to show up in a specific geographic area.

*Traditional SEO* is optimizing signals both on and off a website to get it to show up for keyword searches.

Google has changed search results!

The results you see now are influenced by your location.

Does Google know where you are located?
Does Google know to send customers to you and not the competition?

It all starts with a Local SEO Audit of your business.

The Audit covers:
1) How do you show up for customers searching for your business by name?
2) How do you show up for customers searching for what your business offers?

Find out your next steps by purchasing a Local SEO Audit!

**2021 Special**
Once a month 1 lucky person to reply with the below information will get a free Basic Local SEO Audit [Video].

  1. Name of your business
  2. Address of your business
  3. Phone Number of your business
  4. website URL for your business(link to FB page if you don’t have a live site yet)

Send the above information over and you will get a video link walking you through the Local SEO Audit.
The Audit will show you where you are able to take action today!
Actions to rank higher!

Just mention the monthly drawing in the form above.

I’m Scott Finney (scott@creatingvaluellc.com) and I look forward to helping you get more customers in 2019!

Happy New Year & Talk Soon!