The DropTheStrap 16 point Initial Website Audit

We take a look at what you have and how to get to your goal.

When a client orders a website audit of their site:
I deliver a video walk through of my findings.

I find video is the best delivery channel for:

  • explaining what I’m seeing
  • identifying the low hanging fruit
  • walking through all the technical stuff
  • pointing out where I can help and what areas I’m interested in working on
  • also, carving out the time for two busy people to share a screen can be challenging

Website Audit Tools Used:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Sheets
  • YouTube
  • Cora
  • aHrefs
  • Google Search Console(maybe)
  • Google Analytics(maybe)

Areas Covered:

Website Audit by DropTheStrap

Website Audit by DropTheStrap


  1. one version of site
  2. Crawl
  3. indexation
  4. Brand Search… In most cases Google My Business is a big part 🙂
  5. Basic On page SEO
  6. Internal Pages
    1. HTML Tags
    2. Social Tags
    3. Content Quality
    4. Outgoing links
  7. Content
  8. Load Speed
  9. Structured Data
  10. Traffic
  11. Organic Rankings trend
  12. Positions 5-10 for 1k+ volume
  13. Backlinks
  14. Broken Links
  15. Content Gaps
  16. Content prune

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When placing your order, don’t just mention your website. Please explain what your overall goal is. Most clients are quick to say they “need more traffic to the site”, but after a brief conversation, they really need more conversions. What  is your most important goal? Is it capturing an email? Is it to watch a video?

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Website Audit Service provided by Local SEO Drop The Strap.
You can leave your question in the comments section this blog post, in the YouTube Video comments section, via the form on the webiste, Facebook, Twitter, any channel that words best for you!
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