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Are you the #1 results in Google?

When customers are searching do they find your business?

Google has 1 goal.
If you find what you are looking for on Google, you will return. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you might try Bing next time.

What are you doing online to show Google you are the best result for your customer search?

Look at the first page of Google for your targeted search term. Everyone on the first page is Google’s top 10 best guesses. If you are on page 2 or higher, the pages before you are doing a better job convincing Google they deserve your customers.

Ranking #1 comes down to

  1. Content on your website (On-Page SEO)
  2. Content/links on other websites (Off-Page SEO)
  3. Customer behavior online. (UI/UX, Reviews)

Do you have the content on your site needed to rank #1?

Do other websites mention you and link to your website?

When a person lands on your site, do they stop searching? Or continue to look at search results?

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Search engines have one goal. Deliver the user what they are looking for.

Is your website being delivered to customers when they search for you?

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If search engines don’t know who you are or what you do, the awesome website is not getting you the results you are wanting. If you can’t be found, your customers will be unable to connect with you.

How do you get customers to your website? There are many correct answers. The most fundamental and impactful is Search Engine Optimization aka SEO.

Are Advertising Agencies in Memphis tn the place to go for SEO

Are Marketing Agencies in Memphis tn the place to go for SEO

Optimized websites show up at the top of search results because they are the sites search engines understand. The companies doing the best job of informing Google who they are and what they do get to the top. Customers are not spending much time searching so the businesses at the top of local search are getting them in the door.

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It might not take long to identify the value of Memphis SEO, learning how to do it well is not quick. It is a complex branch of every business’s marketing plan. The current best practices are constantly changing. A Memphis SEO that is an Expert can save you lots of time and get your business listed faster than you can acquire the knowledge.

When we say “Search Engines”, we are talking about Google. Google is looking all over the internet for signals about your business. You may or may not have control of the content Google finds. There is one place you have complete and total control. Your website is the place to show Google you are an expert on what your business provides. Experts use the key words on the topics in your space. When doing proper SEO, your site will put important words in the headlines. Links will be provided on the topics your business knows about.

SEO Consulting Service in Memphis

Search engine’s look for links to your site. This gives them the votes they want to see. Links to you establish your authority.

You can be a trusted business by accumulating social engagement.

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How does Memphis SEO Work?

Memphis SEO is used to improve your site ranking. We have the word Memphis on the front of SEO because we live here. There is no difference in SEO and Memphis SEO. The content on your site is structured to send the correct signals to search engines. Every website is competing with others to win the search ranking they think customers are using the most.

Start with an Audit

Each page of your website needs to fully explain the topic you are going after for a specific search term.

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Does it start with a website

Yes, your website is the hub. It is the only place online where you have FULL control over ALL the content. Your website also can be used to link all your social accounts to your business.

Start with an SEO Audit

You don’t know where to start if you don’t know what you currently have. What you have might be good or it can be harmful. Better to find a SEO trained person to take a look. Audits can be quick and high-level or they can be long and extremely detailed.

Where to find SEO Companies in Memphis

Look no further than Drop The Strap. You can look for an SEO or ask your existing marketing department who is handling the area of your customer growth.

Where to find SEO Companies in the surrounding area

Expand your search to the surrounding areas by adding the city to your search.

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We help businesses all across the United States. If you are looking to work with someone in the Memphis area, we are based out of Collierville. I say based out of because we work from anywhere with wifi. In fact it is beneficial if you find an SEO that does travel. Getting out of the city shows you new and alternative ways to get a business into the map results.

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