What do you do here?

Is a frequent question around here…

in two words

Lead Generation

Drop The Strap Marketing talks( and tests) a wide variety of online lead generation techniques.

When it comes time for the elevator pitch to the what do you do here? question, here is how I boil it down to the ONE thing…

What do you do here at Drop The Strap Marketing?

What do you do here at Drop The Strap Marketing?

It breaks down like this…

  1. Find the search terms your customers are using to search for your services
  2. Audit how competitive those search terms are
  3. Determine (time/content) cost to go after the desired search terms
  4. Create a plan to grab the low hanging opportunists while going after the more competitive terms.
  5. Always be improving conversion rate of your ranking pages
  6. Always be locating more traffic channels to those pages

The above is frequently referred to as SEO or SEO services.

Search Terms can be

  • global search terms
  • national search terms
  • regional search terms 
  • local search terms

The process I’m using now is working extremely well… So well, I’m building a team to take on more clients 🙂

Looking for career opportunities in the digital marketing space like content distribution or SEO, please see my jobs page.

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