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Pricing Local SEO Services

Pricing Local SEO Services begins with a conversation about your business.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution marketing solutseo ion.

The search results for your business name(aka brand search) is the top of the online sales funnel.

You have to consider the profit on the product or service you provide, the lifetime value of a new customer, and just how much of your sales funnel is online line.

The top of sales funnel for a hot dog cart might need a few high quality photos. A custom home builder might need a few hundred high quality photos.

Pet grooming, car detailing, and salons might all offer online appointment booking, but they also have different levels of competition based off their location.

And then there are restaurants. Not all restaurants are equal, but they do all need the same foundation of business listings.

What do you have? Good and Bad.

After discussing the value of your top of sales funnel, It is important to take inventory of the good local search signals and the bad local search signals pointing to your business.

Every new client begins with an audit. We have to know what is out there already before pricing Local SEO Services for each location. The only way to avoid this step is if you are a brand new business. If you business has appeared anywhere online in the past, there is a good chance that information has made it’s way to other places online.

The level of audit needed depends on the value of your brand. A quick external audit of “this is what I see when I search for your name” and “this is what I see when I search for what you provide and your city” can be around $50 bucks.

A more detailed audit might require access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This type of audit can be around $100 bucks.

A detailed audit of valuable search terms, a look at your business, a look at your competition, and the places you have to address to beat them can be around $500 bucks.

You know what you have, then what?

You have an audit. You know the areas that need attention. What happens next?

The list of what you need to do will depend on what you have and what your competition is up to. Expect a 3 to 6 month time period to get the big results from just getting started. This is on the conservative side. It is also why you want to make healthy Local Search Rank Optimization a part of your ongoing marketing efforts and not a knee jerk reaction to getting beat or even worse getting hit with a penalty from Google.

Get a coach or ongoing adviser. Someone that keeps up with the current trends and Google updates.

Find a Local SEO you trust. Be honest with them about the budget you have and let them steer you in the right direction. Your budget will be the biggest driving factor in what you can and what you should focus on at the time.

We provide a few pre-built Local SEO packages and are happy to discuss what best fits your business. But every new client starts with an audit and every audit impacts the necessary actions.

Think Monthly and Daily

When pricing Local SEO Services it is beneficial for the client to think in monthly and daily budget. Especially when your business fluctuates in different seasons. It could be that your Summer months need to be double the fall or winter.


Annual Budget Monthly Budget Daily Budget
$100 $8 $0
$500 $42 $1
$1,000 $83 $3
$2,500 $208 $7
$5,000 $417 $14
$10,000 $833 $27
$25,000 $2,083 $68
$50,000 $4,167 $137
$75,000 $6,250 $205
$100,000 $8,333 $274

If your annual marketing budget is under $5,000 I have a blog post fro you to look at.

If your annual marketing budget is above $5,000 I suggest you get an audit and work with someone to make sure you are spending your time and money in the best places.

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