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The Peak Builders Network is a professional networking group for fans of live music. Hello, I’m Scott Finney, founder of Drop The Strap Marketing by Creating Value LLC.

I was excited to hear something like PEAK Builders Network was in the works when I first met Steven Vickner. Steve hosted a meetup event in Nashville TN, just down the street from my Memphis Tn base, before the band PHiSH played the Ascend Amphitheater in 2018.

Scott Finney & Steven Vickner

Scott Finney and Steven Vickner in Nashville 2018

Professional Networking for Live Music Lovers

The idea is simple. If you are sending time growing a business and/or growing your professional network, why not connect with people having a shared interest?

I’ve visited and hosted events in Memphis, Denver, San Diego, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, Orange Beach AL… the list goes on and on. When all you have in common with the other attendees is your both at the same event, it’s exhausting to chit chat long enough to discover any common ground. That is if there is any at all.

Live music goers are some of the best people to meet and get to know. We have experiences to share. It doesn’t have to be the same band. There is all kinds of opportunity for shared experience with a city or venue.

This is a community I’m excited about and want to see succeed. For this reason I’m going to try and provide enough value to the other members to cover the cost of a basic membership. Let me know you are a Member of PEAK and I’ll see what resources I’m able to round up.

PEAK might have launched from the Phish fan base, but there is no reason a global network of live music lovers can’t all help each other in professional growth.

A challenge to other members… Why not do the same? What product or service do you offer? How can you build in bonuses for other PEAK Members? We can help Steve attract more members by contributing to the cause. Need help brainstorming ideas… reach out to me. We can jump on a call.

A quick bio on me and why PEAK is so appealing…

Live Music Lover…

You could say my love for live music started early. I requested tickets to see the B-52’s Cosmic Thing tour on July 18 1990 Mud Island Amphitheater for my 11th birthday.

Business Owner…

After 10 years in the corporate setting I founded my own business Creating Value LLC in 2014. Creating Value LLC provides digital marketing services. The website you are on now is the online home of Drop The Strap Marketing. Drop The Strap was created in fall of 2017. It is our home for marketing services in Google Search Results.

Networking with other music lovers…

Before I met Steve aka The Vic and before I heard anything about the PEAK Builders network, I had already identified that I love working with other music lovers. Especially Phish loving clients.

As a gift to other PEAK Builders, I’ve collected some freebies. I have also identified some bonuses I can add to a Peak Builder that needs marketing services I provide.

To get these PEAK Builder bonuses, just ask.

Use the form below to request the current freebie bundle. Also use the form below to point out you are a PEAK member when we jump on a call about your project.

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