Used 2005 Honda Accord

5 Speed Manuel Transmission

Memphis Tn

Photos Below:

Steps taken to sell this vehicle.

  1. Mentioned selling my car on Twitter a few times HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE
  2. Placed 2 for sale signs in the front and rear window
  3. Took 60 images to post here
  4. Published video of car running to youtube
  5. Posted on Facebook Marketplace HERE
  6. See images below video.

Watch video to hear the car drive.


I love this car. An SUV is a better daily vehicle. Here is your chance to grab a 2005 manual transmission Honda Accord. Located in Memphis Tn

Want to hear the vehicle run?
Search for 👉 finnious accord for sale in Memphis👈

More images hosted on Drop The Strap Marketing website.

Exterior Photos
Interior Photos