Marketing Ideas for Phish Fans

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Marketing Ideas for Phish Fans

Drop The Strap is looking to help more Phish Loving Business Owners in 2024

Hello phish fans looking to grow your customer base…

What if Google sent you customers?

Just a 15 minute phone call can change your monthly recurring revenue.

Who am I

I’m Scott Finney…

What I can do for you

I’m the guy your marketing agency goes to when they need to rank a page in Google search…

When I’m not reverse engineering Google Search results, I’m a big fan of live music. I especially love Phish.

Why ask to help Phish fans

I regularly attend networking and conferences on Digital Marketing, Blockchain Technology, startup activity, business development and many more…

This fall tour I connected with a guy building a business networking community. What got my attention, is his target community is live concert goers. He first started talking about this idea in the Phish twitter community.

What next

I have some extra bandwidth to provide a phish loving person actionable steps to rank higher in Google.

The short process:

  1. Find Search Terms
  2. Rank for search terms
  3. Gain You New Customers
  4. Repeat

The more detailed process:

  1. 15 minute phone call to talk about your ideal customer
  2. Find your most valuable search terms your customers are using to find products/services you sell
  3. Look at what Google is already ranking for those search terms
  4. Publish a page that “blends in” to what Google already ranks
  5. Get on the first page of Google Search results for the term
  6. Identify the next search term and repeat!

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