Marketing Agency Offer

Are you a marketing agency looking to rank your own website higher?

I’m Scott Finney, a Technical SEO and I have an offer for you…

Local SEO Expert Drop The Strap Founder - Scott Finney
Local SEO Expert Founder of Drop The Strap – Scott Finney

What am I offering?

I will deliver your team actionable reports to rank higher in Google for Valuable search terms.

These reports give you the search terms to target and the on-page content structure to follow.

How it looks.

Let’s jump on a 30 minute call to talk about the customers you would like to find you in Google Search Results.

Following this conversation I will deliver the Marketing Agency Bundle:

Find the search terms most valuable to you.

SEO Value Report

Do a deep dive audit on the top 3 search terms of your selection:

Search term 1 – Audit Current Rankings Report

Search term 2 – Audit Current Rankings Report

Search term 3 – Audit Current Rankings Report

Deliver you a report mapping out the on page content you need to publish to go after these search terms.

Search term 1 – On-page HTML Structure Report

Search term 2 – On-page HTML Structure Report

Search term 3 – On-page HTML Structure Report

That is 1 SEO Value Report, 3 Audit Current Rankings Reports and 3 On-page HTML Structure Reports.

Ready now… email me here

Why am I offering this?

Marketing Agencies have the team in place to take action on the valuable reporting I provide.

This allows me to focus on the task I am best at and most enjoy.

If you are a Marketing Agency needing to rank higher for valuable search terms in Google…

Contact me now… email

SEO for Agencies Proof
I’ve ranked Drop The Strap to the 1st page of Google and now I can rank you!
Memphis SEO Expert Ranking #1

On a side note, if you are a Entry Level SEO, Content Writer, or Website Creation Project Manager… please contact me. I have some work I would enjoy off loading to you 🙂