Marketing Agency Offer

Are you a marketing agency looking to rank your own website higher?

I’m Scott Finney, a Technical SEO and I have an offer for you…

Local SEO Expert Drop The Strap Founder - Scott Finney
Local SEO Expert Founder of Drop The Strap – Scott Finney

What am I offering?

I will deliver your team actionable reports to rank higher in Google for Valuable search terms.

These reports give you the search terms to target and the on-page content structure to follow.

How it looks.

Let’s jump on a 30 minute call to talk about the customers you would like to find you in Google Search Results.

Following this conversation I will deliver you the Search Discovery Report – For Marketing Agency:


Find the search term/terms most valuable to you(typically 3).

Audit where you are in the rankings at this time.

Give you the action items for your SEO/Content writer to implement NOW to rank higher! 


Ready now… email me here



Why am I offering this?

Marketing Agencies have the team in place to take action on the valuable reporting I provide.

(If you don’t have a team or the bandwidth, I can connect you to the professionals I use.)

If you are a Marketing Agency needing to rank higher for valuable search terms in Google…

Contact me now… email

Memphis SEO search, now ranking 2.6 on 12/27/2018

Memphis SEO search, now ranking 2.6 on 12/27/2018 was ranking 13 just 90 days ago

SEO for Agencies Proof
I’ve ranked Drop The Strap to the 1st page of Google and now I can rank you!
Memphis SEO Expert Ranking #1

On a side note, if you are a Entry Level SEO, Content Writer, or Website Creation Project Manager… please contact me. I have some work I would enjoy off loading to you 🙂