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Here at Drop The Strap Marketing, we focus on ranking your business in Google for the search terms your customer uses. Advertising a business online can’t be done with just a website. It takes a team of digital marketing specialist working together.

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Our approach starts with a results focused strategy. Google is looking for online clues of an active off line business.

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Spoiler Alert: What once took a building full of employees can now be accomplished by a few well trained and skilled professionals.

We work with businesses:
  • Downtown Memphis

  • East Memphis

  • Germantown

  • Collierville

  • Cordova

  • West Memphis

  • North Mississippi

Memphis's Secret

There is a shortage in the Memphis Tn area of quality Search Engine Optimization Experts. Congratulations, you found one that Marketing Agency owners are reaching out to. They are asking for SEO Services for their clients. They have your interest in mind… but then they discover something.
They discover their own business is in need of help.
Google updates over 2018 have marketing agencies in a panic.

This is good news for you. You found the secret SEO guru that you didn’t know existed. You found the guy behind the curtain that your competition doesn’t know about… yet.

Are you going to sit on this information? Or are you going to take action?

If I were you, I would order a SEO Value report. It uncovers the search terms your website should be on the first page of Google for. Then order an audit of where you stand on those search terms.

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