Passive Outreach

What if clients came to you? Drop The Strap is trying to raise the bare when it comes to Memphis SEO. We don’t just work with Memphis clients, but we love this birth place of Rock n Roll town and we see the HUGE opportunity for more digital marketing to take place.

Drop The Strap Marketing is having amazing results with ranking local websites.

One of the tools I use has just added a “Passive Outreach” tool.

The idea is, instead of pinging prospects one by one.

“Hey {business} I found you ranking on the 4th page for this search term…”

Customer find you…

I can publish the report on a domain for them to find. They will find the page next time they decide to search for their business on line.

For Example:

When Preferred Jewelers International is looking for their brand online. I now have a page showing them some quick updates to make for ranking higher for “jewelry stores memphis tn”.

Here is the page if you would like to see it in action.

Here are the top 100 results for the “jewelry stores memphis tn” search.

Yes, I see some Yelp and other websites, that don’t care about this information, but it does take time to filter them out. The goal of this process it casting the leads net large and quick.

If you happen to be interested in ranking for selling jewelry in the Memphis TN area, “jewelry stores memphis tn” is the most valuable search term to go after.

Right now this process takes a bit more time than I’d like it too.

  • The initial keyword research takes time…
  • The Report running takes time…
  • The 100 Page creation takes time…
  • The 100 page publishing takes time…
  • The sitemap creation takes time…
  • The indexing of the 100 pages takes time… And still looking for a better way to do that 😉

but if I land a new website audit or a monthly client for one of these test… well, it was worth the time.

If you need any of the above Search Ranking Services done for you, please reach out to our SEO Expert. It’s fine with us if you aren’t near Memphis. In fact, we are looking for more SEO Services in Orange Beach AL.

Let me know how I can help you get more customers with Ranking in Google…