Google My Business adds Products post Type

What if your customers didn’t have to go to your website to give you money? Google My Business Products Post Types are giving them this option… if you set it up!

This blog post shows you have to add a Buy Button into Google Search results with just a Google My Business account and a PayPal account.

If you haven’t discovered Google My Business yet, it might be where your website traffic is going.

Google continues to serve up more content in the Search Results. This means your customers that should be headed to your website could find what they are looking for in the search results or find your competition first.

The latest addition to GMB is Product Post types. Do you offer a product or service? If so, GO ADD THEM NOW.

I am testing this new post type now.

Yesterday I published 4 products post. For these post, I’m using a PayPal link as my buy button. If you are using Shopify or Square space, use the URL to a product page.

Head into your GMB dashboard.
Click on the Post section.
Add a post using the Products Type option.

All you need for a Products Type Post:

  • image
  • title
  • amount
  • description
  • URL

That was easy!

Want to see these post in action? Head to Google and search for “Drop the Strap Marketing Memphis”, find the “Buy Scott a Cup of Coffee” GMB post in my knowledge panel. Click the Buy button and send me $10 for something you have learned on this blog, add a cup for something you learned on my YouTube, add another cup for something you learned on a FaceBook post I made… I think you get the idea 😉

Here is a video of the post type seen in search results and in the GMB dashboard.