Coffee Shops Near Me

Coffee Shops Near Me

Coffee shops near me are what I’m looking for most days of the week. The Local SEO Drop The Strap Collierville Location find our creativity increases when the surrounding change up.

For modern day workers they are more than a place to grab a cup of bean water. These coffee shops are office space for today’s digital nomad.

I am always hunting for coffee shops near me. I want to find the best brew, I want to find the best environment and to be honest the strength of the wi-fi signal is a big factor for how long I hang out.

Have you been to any of this coffee shops?

Are some good for work?

Are some good for meetings?

Are some good for both?

Please let us know in the comments.

I look for coffee shops that offer pour overs. The first thing I do when I walk in a store is scan for a Chemex or another pour over vessel.

Coffee shops get bonus points from me if they have Ethiopian beans as an option.

Beyond the actual coffee, power outlets are a nice touch too. In some stores having my own extension cord has kept me going for longer.

Is there water out accessible for the customers? Nicer shops put out water. Providing the customers with water they can refill on their own is just the right thing to do.

When I camp out in a coffee shop near me with unlimited drip coffee, I end up consuming way too much caffeine. It always seems like a good idea at the time having those last couple cups of coffee. Then 4 hours later I’m talking fast and can’t sit still.

Coffee Shops near me

Coffee Shops near me in Collierville TN

What are you looking for in a coffee shop near you? DO you have one place you go to every chance you get? Or do you mix up your surroundings? Are you picking an unlimited drip option? Does you favorite place sit out water for you? Please share below in the comments. Let’s uncover the best coffee shops in Collierville TN.

A couple of the top coffee shops near me at the moment:
The Levee Creamery serves French Truck Coffee
Square Beans Coffee Company located on the Collierville Town Square