HVAC Millington TN Marketing Case Study

Today we search Google for HVAC Millington TN to see who is showing up in the Google 3 pack and Google Maps results.

hvac millington tn 20118.05.15

hvac millington tn 20118.05.15

We find 2 companies have given their GMB account some love and 3 companies that need to devote some resources towards improving their appeal.

When looking at your business in search results, there is 1 customer that is the absolute MOST IMPORTANT over all others. This “customer” is Google.

Google at a minimum must understand:

    • The Name of your business
    • The location of your business
    • The Service Area of your business
    • The Services you provide
    • How customers can contact you

All this and more is contained in your Google My Business account.

The below video walks you through what a digital marketer sees when searching “hvac millington tn”

Keep the above bullet points in mind when searching for your own business by name and by what you provide.

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