Building a StoryBrand Follow Drop The Strap StoryBrand Process

This StoryBrand Book is some impact-full stuff!
After listening to the book on Friday, I’m now circling back to go through the exercises today on Sunday.

Building a StoryBrand

Hello, thank you checking out our Building a StoryBrand progress. If you are looking for someone taking action on Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller, you are in the right place.

Apologies to our visitors looking for:

  • Building a StoryBrand Book
  • Building a StoryBrand cliff Notes

If you are looking for a free copy of the book or a summary, I suggest you buy the book! It is well worth the cost. If reading is difficult for you(like it is me), get Building a StoryBrand on audiobook. I purchased the book on Audible. You will get access to all the visuals you need.

StoryBrand Marketing

You will see StoryBrand Marketing Lessons if you visit
Last year I published a report that NO ONE cared about… I have the email signups to prove this 🤣

If you go to the site and see anything about a “[2018 Report]”, the updates have not been made yet.

Website Before StoryBrand

Website Before StoryBrand

StoryBrand Website

If you find 10 sentences that clearly define how Drop The Strap Marketing can help your business acquire customers… you are at least viewing the first draft.

Building a StoryBrand Website

At this point I’m creating my scripts. Once they exist, I’ll make my first updates on

It is my hope you find my work on some list like

Best StoryBrand Websites

But i’m not just updating 1 page on the internet. There is a lead generation document being created too. I gave a talk last week. It boiled down the last year and a half of SEO into a 15 minute talk. It was quick. It was difficult to condense SO MUCH I wanted to share into so few words/slides.

But after giving the talk, I was blown away by the crowd’s feedback. This is were I’ll start with my email optin. I think I can the Big takeaways into a 3 page report.

If the report interest you, I’ll get an email for the information. Once i get your email, I can expand on the ideas in the report…

StoryBrand email Marketing

StoryBrand is BIG on email capture and email communication. The problem I have here is cutting down the amount of content I’d like to share. If I email monthly. That is only 12 valuable nuggets a year. My 15 minute talk last week didn’t have room for the 5 ideas I wanted to share.

Building a StoryBrand Audible

Yes the book is available on Audible. That is where I purchased it and suggest you do the same.

StoryBrand Certified Agency

Now That I’ve completed the book. I’m tempted to get certified. I’m also tempted to make Building a StoryBrand required reading for future clients 🙂

This book created a whole new marketing niche. I can see people tacking on “StoryBrand” to marketing services searches. Don’t be surprised if the below examples become a thing…

  • StoryBrand Marketing Consultant

  • storybrand agency

  • StoryBrand for Churches

  • StoryBrand Photographer

After I go through the StoryBrand Script I’ll start the roadmap.

Refine website -> This will happen on DropTheStrapMarketing .com

StoryBrand provides a roadmap to take action.
1) Create a One-liner – If I’m successful here, my dad will be able to say it with confidence 🙂
2) Create a Lead Generator and Collect Emails – At this moment I’m thinking the 3 page guide to ranking in Google search. 1st version will be summary of a talk I gave last week that got RAVE reviews
3) Automated Drip Campaign – Already have too many ideas of what the content here could be. Hoping the StoryBrand Script boils it down to what is should be.
4) Collect Stories of Transformation – I’ve done a good job of asking for Google reviews, need to transfer this to collecting stories.
5) Create a System that Generated Referrals – Already see areas to improve this 🙂

Ok, I’m cutting off my progress report here. Want the latest update? Ping me any channel you like. Or mention “update the StoryBrand progress” in the form below.

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