Behind the scenes of Drop The Strap

A personal note from Scott Finney about Drop The Strap.

written 2018.01.20

I find it valuable when business owners are transparent about what drives them to do what it is they do.

For this reason I am sharing some behind the scenes content here, for those of you hunting around the site enough to find it.

Just over halfway through 2016, I decided 2017 would be heavily focused on my health. I took the necessary steps to force myself to achieve weight loss I had never achieved before.

2018 I am focusing on financial freedom through wealth generation.

There were 3 big factors that helped with my health success in 2017.
1) Elimination – cutting out anything that did not contribute to my goals
2) Turn over decision making – I used a virtual trainer to make all my workout. I had in person training for all my cycling.
3) Trust the system – follow the advice and the scripts of those that have done it before without question.

I had tried the above factors in the past. The difference it that I had not fully embraced the process. I was always thinking how can I shortcut the steps. When I just followed the steps with pig headed discipline. I got results that went beyond my expectations.

Here we are at the start of 2018. I live my life as a never ending student. I learned in 2017 to seek out mentors and do what they say. For this reason that is my process for Drop The Strap.

There are lots of mentors & virtual mentors involved in this Drop The Strap project.

I say virtual mentors because I don’t have direct contact to some of them at this time. The contact I do have with some of them is limited via some online channels.

This is an idea borrowed from Tim Ferriss. He will even ask himself, “What would {insert name of a person that has already lived and is no longer with us} recommend I do next”.

This week I am going through the digital version of Craig Ballantyne‘s Perfect Life Retreat.

Craig’s Perfect Day Formula Book, Early to Rise podcast and his co-hosting of The Empire Podcast Show by Bedros Keuilian has made a big impact on the direction of Drop The Strap.

One is the size or scale of the impact I plan to make. Originally I planned to have a small base of core clients I provide Local SEO services to. I am now seeing ways to focus my most valuable work on this core group but also share my knowledge and experience beyond to others.

Bedros has expanded my initial range of positive impact on the world. Through his suggestion, I am going to add a charitable impact to my work. For each new on boarded client, I will make a donation to The Ability Experience.

For accountability on my content creation, I joined a mastermind hosted by Vin Clancy. I have dabbled at following his advice in the past. This year I have to become a content generating machine to reach the business owners I want to reach.

The list goes on. I have a whole Trello board full of “stuff to do” to the website, to the email campaign, to the youtube channel, to the twitter feed, to the linkedIn.

With the help of my in person mentors and these virtual mentors I have some HUGE plans for 2018.

I want to give back while I grow personally and professionally. If there is some what I can be of help to you, please ask. Twitter is always a great channel ping me on.

Added 2018.01.29

I am only halfway through the book “The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients”.

This book has already changed the way I look at aspects of my Drop The Strap project.

In chapter 8 the book makes the hard hitting claim that 50% of becoming a successful coach is being a good coach.

The other 50% is what most people call “getting clients” or “attracting clients” . In the book, they call that other 50% “creating clients”. My vision of the future, will include training material hosted on YouTube.

The YouTube material will be for business owners just getting started with gaining more customers online. It will be for businesses that have online profiles out there, but don’t see any results. It will also be fore marketing agencies that want to give their clients that Local SEO boost by staying up to date on what signals to Google are the most important and how to get them in place.

Scott Finney