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Drop The Strap is the Local SEO Services division of Creating Value LLC.
During the summer of 2017 our founder, Scott Finney rode a bicycle from the west coast of the United States to the east coast. The 38 members of the cycling team used their mobile phones to find places to purchase goods and services. The team looked for EVERYTHING imaginable in over 65 cities during a 2.5-month time span.

Collierville Herald wrote an article about Scott Finney's bike ride

The Collierville Herald wrote an article about Scott Finney’s bike ride

Memphis native’s journey inspires healthy living, support for people with disabilities – The Collierville Herald

Scott immediately realized:

  1. Places on Google Maps won our business
  2. Places with online reviews easily beat the competition
  3. Most businesses are neglecting their online listings

When business owners don’t take control of their online listings

  1. It hurts their business
  2. It hurts the consumers in their area

Scott wants to help you get your local business listed in the search results. It starts with a Local SEO Audit. Once you know the state of your business a plan of attack can be created.

Get started today!

Leaving Collierville for Journey of Hope 2017 bicycle ride

Scott Finney packed up in Collierville and headed to the Memphis Airport.



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